Since Evolve Media’s inception in 1999, we have had an unwavering commitment to enthusiast publishing. This mindset would go on to help us produce the content people are passionate about. It starts with great editors, delivering content that feeds the soul and allows readers to connect with others that share their same interests. We strive to provide our audiences with authoritative, expert content that affords them unique access to everything that is trending, topical and of interest to men and women. We have earned the trust of more than 100 million global consumers a month and counting!


Dedicated to the needs of our fans and committed to partnering with brands to engage our consumers through organic, content-led programs, we built a vast suite of proprietary platforms and technology. These platforms allow us to more smartly understand our readers’ interests and more effectively build creative and content marketing solutions that find the right consumers from across our portfolio of web properties. By creating the right content and finding the right consumer, we are publishing EVOLVED.

Key Services

Evolve Media smartly marries content and audience with brand messaging to allow marketers to initiate or take part in conversations, engaging our loyal readers and delivering on their specific media and marketing goals in the process. This strategy is executed through our content solutions, creative labs and our unique and innovative ad products. by leveraging our unique insights, data and proprietary platforms we can create  the right content or ad solution, distributing it to the right person in the right environment at scale. It's simple: We marry content and creative, delivering it smartly at scale.


Expert editors and taste makers

Our editorial teams are best of breed and don’t just write about the topics, they live them. With decades of experience, we know what to write about and how to get taste makers to join us in our creation process.

Online and offline events

Event coverage is in our DNA. Whether it is Comic-Con, New York Fashion Week, SxSw or something else, we are where “it” happens. We have the ability to bring brands into the conversation and align them with large experiential experiences, tapping into the best of the best audiences.

Content solutions

Through our proprietary content intelligence tools, we know what passions and interests appeal to our users and followers. We do this by analyzing and leveraging data on content performance across our portfolio, informing what content we create and how we can bring life to branded content.

Expert editors and taste makers

Partnering with clients, we can select the right mix or content types and formats to customize any size program. Whether it is short-form/long-form, written or video, sponsored content or branded content, a custom branded entertainment series, or event activation we work with our partners to identify the right content to create for each campaign or marketing program.


Content IQ

We distribute content to our audiences across platforms in a dynamic and unique way that is tailored to the goals of each created piece of content. We are able to optimize via our unique content intelligence and IQ dashboards. It’s smart content creation and distribution.

Springboard Video

A full service video publishing technology that delivers video content to audiences who matter. Advertisers can reach large audiences with in-stream pre-roll, social video distribution, in ad custom video solutions and mobile video.


Evolve Creative Labs

It’s not just what you write, but how you deliver content to users. We have an expert team of designers and developers to push the boundaries on how we visually story-tell through the creative, how we natively and smartly marry content with creative and how we deliver it to our audiences.

Custom Ad Products

We have a history of developing the biggest and brightest new ad formats and executions in the industry. From interactive 3D to mobile immersive experiences and high touch custom units; we find new ways for audiences to engage with brands.

The Team

  • Aaron Broder

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Brian Fitzgerald

    Co-Founder & President

  • Jason Holland

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Veronica Gilton

    Chief Technology Officer

  • James Weidner

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Josh Ellingwood

    General Counsel

  • Amanda Brock

    VP, Managing Director – Canada

  • Joel King

    VP, Managing Director – Australia

  • Francisco Bernal

    VP, Managing Director – Mexico

  • Anne Liota

    VP, Marketing – North America

  • Anthony Severino

    VP, Content – North America

  • Key Services

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